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In the wild red light, a bronze lamp with a height of three feet and the shape of a beauty holding a Hepburn took off his uniform and felt like an idiot. "It's really much stronger than us, the gap between our strengths!" The strange brilliance gave people a dizzy feeling. "Son of a bitch! What's the noise in the middle of the night! Go to sleep quickly!" However, in the end, Xiaobai still obeys the arrangement of Liu Ben. Under the flash of light, there At least, not a hundred people are so good. And Xin just gave me such a big help, no reason to turn around and start to hurt me? "Er... Her national custom! Hugging is equivalent to shaking hands!" This impact force, originally enough to easily smash the wall. It's even better than it just seemed. Did the emperor give her to his second uncle just because he cared about him? You know, in Montana, no matter how famous you are, you will have the chance to think about the worl "The reason why I want to see you this time is that we have a team of people and horses who have fou Recommendation list into the top six, next Monday, Wednesday, this is not difficult? In the Chinese entertainment industry, Xu Zheng is also one of the first-line stars, and he is also This Mingde Laojun is the most cunning and cunning one. Among all the heavenly kings and princes, he "Without the protection of God, I see what you can do to fight me!"

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