Han Junting was furious and scolded: "do you want me to be humiliated by this scum man and die?" It is very difficult to kill each other in the same level. The guard in the heart was suddenly much less. Along the way, I don't know if it's Shi Lei's illusion. He always thinks that the employ "Hey, I can't take part in the operation headquarters, but most of my soldiers can't take pa However, since I don't know how to destroy the sea above, it's not for me to make the sea be On November 17, the child in her belly has been three months old, and Lu Jing can safely leave the c "Brother Li, I'll take care of the stone. Can you water it?" The red sword flew back towards him and was taken back by him. Fang Yun coughed gently, and his tongue burst into spring thunder: "you said, if the ice clan in the In the core city, celebrating with friends, Zichen returned to tianwu continent. Ye Chu said: "there is no need to do anything. Just arrange the array to ensure everyone's safet "I'm on the phone. I don't know you'll come in." "Wu Xiaokang, you should pay attention to... There are Korean people around. Be careful to be flatte At the moment, all those who came to see the excitement were dumbfounded. In the battle, there were lingmudi, binchen, Panyi and others, but there were still signs of defeat, Brown robe ginger noodles with bitterness. "Well, this time, we'll take out two and three!"

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