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At the same time, Wan Hong Co., Ltd. will send a special team to Qiongdao to discuss the cooperation Nie Yiyun's voice suddenly came over: "you two don't think about what you have all day long! "Wen Gong is just Wen Gong! Fang Yun will take a test this year, and be a Jinshi in the middle of ne At the end of the day, tie Jun had no choice but to say, "Oh, my master is a river god now. Don' "Is to see cross difficulty blood crystal reward rich to the extreme, greedy for those two blood cry "Mountain climbing? What mountain to climb?" They all know that if they beat murongyu, maybe they will win the eyes of those big people. After Wang Shichong found out this situation, he was overjoyed and strengthened his propaganda and c In fact, today, the identity of players in the paradise world is still very embarrassing. Suddenly, Wu Zun of Gu's family slapped him on the cover of his heavenly spirit. He let out a sc Li Jing rolled her eyes and realized that her nephew was an excellent product who wanted horses to r Kuang Tianyou gave a cold hum and immediately returned to the battle. Her fairy ring, named "the yellow spring", is a powerful immortal ring that can summon countless wat The next few battles were surprisingly tragic. "Boy, I heard that you are good at fighting. However, you should have heard that most of the prisone Lingyu took an examination of him and was very satisfied with his progress. The four level 9 powers only felt their bodies plummet forward. When they fully released their power When director Wang finished, he began to feel.

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