Maybe it is possible to be the same as the universe as he said. A huge whirlpool of yin and Yang is formed slowly. It is like the Taiji diagram of yin and Yang. How "At the hot spring hotel in the evening, I'd like to invite Mr. Liu to dinner!" It gives people a very mysterious feeling. The cold light flickered, like a ghost, a Yukong was beheaded, blood gushed, sprinkled on the earth. The cat woman's face is determined, the second button has been untied. Binglan denies that Chen Jiu is worried. He only hears a voice that sounds as if there is nothing: " There are so many familiar things. At this time, it's important to take revenge for my son. Then, the whole banquet hall slowly quieted down. Obviously, no matter how, Li Hao is not willing to be cautious, which is in vain! Just out of the shop, did not walk a few steps, suddenly someone ran past from behind, almost hit Zh "How about treating me to dinner when you get there?" At this time, Wang Xiaoshu was also very surprised: "it is impossible to restrict the market of some Now that he appears here, it's possible that things in the Japanese district have already taken Chu Chen could not help singing excitedly when he jumped up the 100th long black slope. Lu Weimin looks at Zhen Ni inexplicably, "what's the matter?" "Well, it seems that the son of heaven does not have any skills at all. He knows how to avoid the re In the past, these children could only barely get enough food and clothing. Their clothes were shabb

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